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Patron Banner Loads: Testing Things

Pulling Rosters

You can pull a saved Testing Roster query and modify the date to reflect the time period you need to verify.

  1. Signon to Accuplacer with proper creds (reporter or admin)
  2. Go to Reports -> Roster Reports -> Score Roster Report
  3. The Saved Query "Daily Report SS" should get you what you want (you can create new ones but it's easiest to use a saved query and just enter the dates in the Search Filter) 
  4. Once the roster comes up, choose Find Student by Search Filter to modify your date range and click Submit 
  5. If the shows a message that says " Score Roster Report generation taking too long" go to Report Queue and manually download from there 
  6. Your report should pull up in Excel as a csv file.  Once you've reconciled the scores, you can save this file to the Testing Roster folder on the P: drive and send a GHC411 alert to let Admissions know it's ready.

Reconciling Rosters

  1. Login to Banner and use students 900 to pull up record (cross-checking that the name and/or birthdates are accurate)
  2. Check student's scores in SOATEST (be particularly watchful for dropped WritePlacer scores)
  3. If scores are not present or are incomplete, enter them manually:
    1. Use Test Code ACCW for WritePlacer, ACCNGR for Reading and ACCNGM for Math (valid codes should populate the Description field)
    2. Enter Score in Test Score field
    3. Enter Date in Test Date field
    4. In Test Scores (2) tab (in the middle of screen) enter appropriate code in Form field based on following critera
      1. ACCW < 4 - Form: P (for Placed into Learning Support)
      2. ACCW >= 4 - Form X (for exited)
      3. ACCNGR < 237 - Form: P (for Placed into Learning Support)
      4. ACCNGR >= 237 - Form X (for exited)
      5. ACCNGM < 269 - Form: P (for Placed into Learning Support)
      6. ACCNGM >= 269 - Form X (for exited)
  4. Go to SOAHOLD and add or delete LM and LE holds based on following criteria:
    1. ACCNGM < 269 - LM
    2. ACCNGR < 237 AND ACCW < 4 - LE (they both need to satisfy the cut to test out of learning support)
    3. For retesters in Math who already had LM holds, you will often see an M1-M3 hold.  Remove these and let Banner recalculate them based on new retest scores. 
  5. Go to ZOAGARP and give the appropriate status code to CPEE, CPEM, CPER based on following criteria (If these already have codes other than RS or RI from Admissions, DO NOT CHANGE THEM - check with Admissions if you have questions)
    1. CPEE - if ACCW >= 4 - Use code SX, (satisfied testing) else Use code UN (unsatisfied)
    2. CPEM - if ACCNGM >= 269 - Use code SX, (satisfied testing) else Use code UN (unsatisfied)
    3. CPER - if ACCNGR >= 237 - Use code SX, (satisfied testing) else Use code UN (unsatisfied)
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