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Onboarding Student Assistants - Cartersville Library: Training


OneUsg is where you will go to clock in and out each work day. 

Clock in/out (no more than 5 minutes early or late)

When you go to the link provided above you will see options on the right hand side of the page. Click OneUSG Connect to sign in using your GHC work email and password.

You will then click the ellipses on the right side of the Report Time box as shown below. Choose which option you need by clicking on it.

HR Annual Compliance

This will be located in your D2L. If you can't find it look under the waffle in the top right hand corner.

Google Calendar - Iwanna Book

Your schedule will be on this calendar. With approval from your manager you will add any times you plan to be off or be late. All changes in schedule need to be documented here.

Library Homepage

Office365 Email

You will be given a new email address for work. 

Please, sign into your work email at the start of each shift. 


Purpose: Record Gate Counts and Cartersville Library Activity


Set Regular Account (Admin: Accounts):

Gate Count Procedure: 

  • Log into LibApps 

  • Select LibInsight 

  • Record Data to select data set -Gate Count (Data set 7163) 

  • Pick location-Cartersville 2019 

  • Select ‘Use As Gate Start’ 

  • Type gate count in ‘Gate End’ 

  • Save Values 

  • Check off and initial on Gate Count sheet 

  • Done! :) 

The gate count form is at the circ desk. You will record the gate count each morning before opening. You will then record it in LibInsight.

Choose location: Cartersville.


You will then click on Use as Gate Start. This will give you the Gate Start #. Gate End is where you will put in the gate count for that day. Click Save Values and you're done! :)

Walk Around Procedure:

  • Obtain Cartersville Library Activity: Library Walk Around clipboard
  • Every half hour on the hour you will walk around the library and count the patrons in the library
  • Library Common are those who are sitting, standing, walking in the library (not using our computers or study rooms)
  • 260A Library Classroom is the computer lab near the circ desk. If there is a class in there or it has been booked you will mark Y for yes and put how many are in there.
  • Computer Cluster are the amount of patrons using the computers in the library.
  • 270E Etowah Media Room is study room E.
  • 270F Felton Room is study room F.
  • 270G Room is study room G.
  • 270H Highlands Room is study room H.
  • When you are done counting patrons in those categories and recording it on the sheet, you will then enter those numbers into Libinsight.


Purpose: Record Reference Transactions


Set as Regular User (Admin: Manage Accounts)

  • Set both for Reference and Testing
  • Do not set up for chat 

READ Scale


Purpose: View Testing Schedule

  • Set Regular Account. Add Testing schedules (Cartersville, Douglasville, Rome, etc.)



Purpose: Manage study room reservations.


Set Regular Account (Admin: Accounts):

  • General Tab: Disable Appointments, Disable (uncheck) Public Profile Page
  • Question: Can we set default library?

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