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Navigating the Kitchen Sink in Word Online

This guide will take you through each tab in Office 365 Word Online, which GHC provides you through your student email account, so that you can format your papers.

Page Break

Want to make sure your Works Cited/Reference List always appears on the last page of your document? This button will place all of the text after the cursor on the very next page - no matter how much you type before it; it will push the following text to the beginning of the next page!


Need to insert an appendix or table? This button allows you to place a table and choose the amount of rows and columns you want into your document. You can then click on the Home tab to edit the text and format the table.


Need to reference a piece of art/image or include a picture from a study [or a picture you took for your study]? This button allows you to insert an image, and the Home tab will allow you to edit the placement of the image [alignment].


Need to link your sources into the text or in the Works Cited/Reference List? Highlight the desired text and click this button to create a hyperlink.

Header and Footer

You can create custom headers and footers with this button. For MLA, you can put your last name in the top right of your header, before the page number. For APA, you can select the option "Different First Page" to mark a "Running head:" in the top left of page 1 and type the running head in all CAPS on page 2 in the top left of the header for it to appear on all subsequent pages - with the page number in the top right.

Page Number

This button allows you to select the placement of page numbers on your document.

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