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Map Your Way to Better Thinking



Map Your Way To Better Thinking*

Many students struggle during class time to capture the material and understand the important topics. This deficiency could come from lack of note-taking skills or not understanding how to break down the material.
In this session, faculty will develop flow charts or process maps to help students understand the materials being presented. Additionally, faculty will explore note-taking techniques that could help their students maximize their time in class and can be used as a reference for homework or studying.
Our goal for the session is to develop strategies that could be used in any course and help maximize student success.
*This guide will provide resources and examples from the Assessment day 2019 breakout session. 


Your speakers for the breakout assessment are:
Sandra Anderson
Kamisha DeCoudreaux
Tracy Kight​
Camille Pace
Laura Ralston
Tara Suswal
Jayme Wheeler


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