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BUSA 2205: Fundamentals of Computer Applications (OER): Unit 1: Technology in the Workplace

Application Assignment

For this assignment you are an employee at Spacely Sprockets. Your boss, Mr. Spacely, has come to you with a project. Spacely Sprockets is looking to upgrade their computers this year and Mr. Spacely wants to make sure that he is getting the right equipment. Your background in technology in the workplace makes you an expert on this topic.

Currently Spacely Sprockets uses desktop computers running Windows for all of its employees, including sales staff, engineers and designers. All employees use the Microsoft Office suite including Outlook for email. Sales staff use GoldMine (client management software) and QuoteWerks (sales quoting software) because they work with the software Accounting uses, Quickbooks. The engineering department uses AutoCad and the designers use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Mr. Spacely wants to know if it is still feasible and productive to have all desktop computers or if laptop computers would be more efficient. Additionally Mr. Spacely wants to know if using Windows on all the computers is still a good idea or if the company should switch to the Mac OS.

Your job now is to look up a current desktop and laptop computer that operates each operating system and compare their processor, RAM, video card and hard drive. Then you need to look at each of the software applications mentioned above and determine if it is compatible with Windows, Mac or both. After gathering this information write a short narrative (100-200 words) with your recommendation and the reason(s) why you chose it. Use the template included below.

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