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FCST 1010 - Beideck (Floyd) - Spring 2018: Assignment Tips

Evaluating sources


Assignment Specifics

Conducting research is not only going to be part of your academic life but it will be very prevalent in your professional life too. The degree of the research will definitely vary between the two but the methods will always be the same.

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Gather background information
  3. Search databases for books and periodicals
  4. Evaluate the research
  5. Cite your sources

In this assignment we are going to skip steps 1 and 2. Really most of step 3 has been done for you. Our focus is steps 4 and 5.

Using the topics and search criteria listed below you will create an annotated bibliography of one (1) source this week. I am guessing most, if not all, of you do not know what I am talking about so here is an example from the Purdue OWL website.

Annotated bibliography has 4 basic parts:

  • Citation
  • Summary paragraph--what did the article say
  • Evaluation paragraph--does it appear that the article has credibility
  • Reflection paragraph--would you use it in a research paper and why?

For this assignment you will choose an article using the Galileo Database at the GHC Library. Here are your topics:

  • Graphic novels
  • Urban farming
  • Soy milk
  • A3 problem solving

When you search you should put the term in quotations ("urban farming"), look for full text, scholarly articles from 2012 to 2017. The number of hits you get should be small...that is done on purpose.

Search Process

  • Search GALILEO for an article:
  • The Assignment suggest putting the search terms in quotations.  I'd suggest that you add another keyword to get fewer and more specific results.  Example: "soy milk" and cancer  or "graphic novels" and criticism
  • Use the limiters on the lefthand side of the results page to narrow your search to Full Text, Peer Review within the specified date range

  • ***PRO TIP:  It's a GREAT idea to email potential articles to yourself.  You can even choose to send it with a specific citation style to help you get started with your bibliography***
  • Use the example below from Perdue OWL as a guide to your annotated bibliography

Types of Plagiarism

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