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HIST 2112 - Hensley (Online) - Spring 2021: The Assignment

The Assignment

Topic Choices

Please choose one (1) of these topics to write on, based off your reading of Kristin Hoganson’s American Empire at the Turn of the Twentieth Century and at least one peer-reviewed secondary source obtained through JSTOR:

1. How was the development of the American Empire influenced by the ideas of the Progressive Movement?

2. How were race relations in the mainland US connected with race relations in the American Empire?

3. What roles did women play in debates about colonialism? (How) was this connected to their womanhood in particular? 4. “Among both supporters and opponents of American imperialism, there was a very broad range of opinion.” Do you agree with this statement? Explain why or why not.

Steps in the Assignment

The dropboxes for all steps of the assignment will be available under the “Take-Home Essay” module on D2L.

All steps must be uploaded as .doc, .docx, or .rtf documents – do not use .pdf.

If you receive a penalty for academic dishonesty on the original paper submission, you will not have the opportunity to submit a second draft.

Outline: Due on D2L, Friday, February 19 at 11:59PM

Note: Date moved back from February 12 to February 19.

You will submit a short document in which you lay out which question you are choosing to answer, what your thesis statement will be, which (at least) three sources from the Hoganson book you will use, and which peer-reviewed secondary source(s) obtained through JSTOR that you plan on using. You may change these between the outline and the paper – and indeed, I might give you feedback encouraging to do so – but this is to get you thinking about how to structure your paper.

Paper: Due on D2L, Friday, March 12 at 11:59PM

Please put your name somewhere on the front page and indicate which question you are answering. Your paper will need to be between 900 and 1100 words long, with your thesis statement underlined somewhere in your introduction. You will need to use at least three primary source documents from the Hoganson text and at least one peer-reviewed secondary source obtained through JSTOR.

Optional Second Draft: Due on D2L, Friday, April 2, at 5:00PM

You may, but do not have to, submit a final draft which you will have rewritten taking my feedback into account. I will average the grades of the original submission and your second draft to determine your grade on the essay. So, if you get a grade of 80 on the first submission and a grade of 90 on your second draft, your final grade will be (80+90) ÷ 2 = 85.

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