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DHYG 4080 Internship - Phillips (Online) - Spring 2018

DOI & Permalinks

In APA, using the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) in place of a web link is preferred. A DOI is a unique number attached to a article by the publisher. You may be more familiar with an ISBN.

Library Jargon.
Book ISBN International Standard Book Number 0195045785
Journal ISSN International Standard Serial Number 0038-4305
Article DOI Digital Object Identifier 10.1111/ijd.12367

If you click a title of the article, the DOI will be listed. If it's not, use a persistent link from the library database in which you found the article. Remember that you need to be logged in to see library resources, and the web address in the top bar is tied to your specific session. That link will break for everyone else.

Finding the DOI.

In a ProQuest Database. 
Look for the Abstract/Details Tab and scroll. If there is no DOI, use the Document URL. 
Screenshot of ProQuest Central with Abstract/Details tab circled.




Screenshot of an Article's detailed record. DOI and Document URL are circled.


In an EBSCOhost database.

Click the title to bring up the detailed record. Scroll until you see the DOI. If there is no DOI, use the permalink (it's a little chain icon.)

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