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MLA Style Guide, 8th Edition: Common Abbreviations

A guide for formatting and citing papers in MLA 8

Abbreviations in MLA

MLA 8 abbreviation listings and the appropriate ways to apply. 

Punctuation in Abbreviations

Additional information for the following: 

  • punctuation in abbreviations
  • month abbreviations
  • publisher abbreviations
  • Biblical abbreviations
  •  works of Shakespeare abbreviations 

See Section 1.6 in the MLA 8 Handbook. 


MLA 8 Common Abbreviations

Scholarly Abbreviations

List common scholarly abbreviations as they appear below:

  • anon. for anonymous
  • c. or ca. for circa
  • ch. for chapter
  • dept. for department
  • ed. for edition
  • et al. for multiple names (translates to "and others")
  • fwd. for foreword
  • jour. for journal
  • lib. for library
  • no. for number
  • P for Press (used for academic presses)
  • p. for page, pp. for pages
  • par. for paragraph when page numbers are unavailable
  • qtd. in for quoted in
  • rev. for revised
  • sec. or sect. for section
  • ser. for series
  • trans. for translation
  • U for University (for example, Purdue U)
  • UP for University Press (for example, Yale UP or U of California P)
  • var. for variant
  • vol. for volume
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