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The Keys to Keywords OLD

Using keywords to create meaningful searches in GALILEO


Grading Rubric

Scoring Rubric for Assessment

Out of 50 points (half points may be awarded)


Achievement Level








Topic sentence

(10 points)

Topic sentence is present and complete.


No topic sentence, or topic sentence incomplete.

Initial keywords

(10 points)

Student lists 3 appropriate keywords from topic sentence.

Three keywords are listed, but not all are from the topic sentence.

Not enough keywords, or no keywords are from topic sentence.


(10 points)

Student lists more than 3 strong synonyms. Synonyms are derived appropriately from topic/initial keywords.

The three derived synonyms are acceptable and derived appropriately from topic/initial keywords.

At least three derived synonyms are not listed, or synonyms are not related to the topic.

Final narrative

(20 points)

Narrative is strong; Searches are clear and reflect good understanding of all concepts. Citation is present and fits topic.

Narrative is weak, searches are unclear and poorly formed. Citation is not clearly on topic.

Narrative is incomplete or irrelevant, no searches are listed. There is no citation.

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