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Biology 1020: Plants, Society and the Environment: Unit 4

Unit 4

Above are tabs that contain useful information for each unit covered in Dr. Harnden's BIOL 1020, Plants, Society and the Environment. Please click on any tab to view the resources appropriate for that unit. If you know any other resource that can be added to this Libguide, then feel free to contact Dr. Harnden at

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Unit 4 Powerpoint


Topics covered in this unit include, but not limited to the follow:

  1. Biomes
  2. Tundra
  3. Tiaga
  4. Grasslands
  5. Deciduous forests
  6. Chaparral
  7. Desert
  8. Tropical forests

This page contains various resources to help students either get clarity or enable further exploration of specific topics covered in class. If you find more resources or related resources that you find helpful, then please contact your instructor to have it added. 

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Films on Demand

Below are  films that support the concepts we cover in unit 4. Click on the link to watch the film. Note: you may have to log into Galileo to watch each segment.

Biomes of the Earth



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