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Articles: How to Find Full-Text: Finding Articles

Finding Full-Text


If given the choice between HTML and PDF, choose PDF as it prints a more readable copy.         

 If you don't see one of the above full-text links with your article result, don't give up.   
  There is still a chance we may have access to full-text online (see below).    



On your search results page click on the title of the article you’re looking for to go into the article record.  Open another tab and go to either GALILEO and click on "Journals A - Z" or to the GHC library page and click on “Find a Journal.”

Type in or paste the title of the journal, - it may be labeled 'source' or ‘publication title’ in your article result record (do not use abbreviations) – then click search (magnifying glass).  If the title comes up with "Online access >" underneath it, click on the title to go into the catalog journal record.

Look at the coverage dates to be sure what you need is available – there may be more than one link with different availability – click on the link to open the online journal record.  You will have to use the information in the article result record to click your way into the correct year/volume, issue, and finally, article.

If you do not find the Journal in the online catalog, use the Inter-Library Loan Form (link to the right) to request a copy of the article be found and sent to you - again, use the information in the article result record to fill in the request form.

Inter-Library Loan

ILL eDelivery

(From Kent State University Libraries Website)

If you are unable to find the full-text for an article you would like to use for the assignment, most likely the library can obtain it for you via Inter-Library Loan.  Depending on how obscure the journal is, the article should be emailed to you within days.  Click on this link to fill out the request form.

Interlibrary Loan Form for Articles

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