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Searching the GIL Find Online Catalogs: GIL Find

Searching GIL-Find

GIL-Find is the online catalog.  You can choose to search either just the GHC collection or the entire University System of Georgia collection.  The default is GHC.  Start there and if you can't find anything, then switch to the USG search by clicking on the little triangle on the Search Scope line on the top right.  There are also a couple of filters you can use listed underneath this line.  You can also choose which field (title, author, etc.) to search for your keyword in as well as choose the type of search to do, both on the left-hand side.  Add more lines for keywords by clicking on the plus sign next to Add a New Line at the bottom.


To specifically find eBooks that you can read on your computer/tablet at home, once you get a set of results from a search, you can click on 'Full Access Online' under 'Show only' on the left-hand side. 

On the results page you can also set a specific date range to limit your results to.

To see what print materials are on a specific library's shelves choose the library from the list.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Requesting Items

(Used with permission)

As a GHC student you have the benefit of walking into any of the USG institutions to check out items with your GHC Chargers ID.  However, you can request items from other institutions, as well as other GHC libraries, be sent to your location.  You will first need to log in to your GIL account using your Network Credentials (the first part of your email address up to the @ sign for the Username and the same password as you use for email).  You can either sign in before you search or after.

Before you search, find the link in the upper right hand corner of the catalog page.

After you've searched and found an item to request, click on the title to open the record.  The link to sign in will be in the middle of the page.

If it's a GHC item, click Request and then choose your pick-up location and click Request again in the bottom right corner of this box.

  If it's not a GHC item, you'll see the message below and a list of institutions that do own the item.  Click on any one of the Available links, wait several seconds for it to process, and then click Request, choose your pick-up location, and click Request again as stated above.


Floyd Library - 706.295.6318 | Heritage Hall - 706.295.6321 | Cartersville Library - 678.872.8400 | Marietta - 678.872.8501 | Paulding Library - 678.946.1007 | Douglasville Library - 678.872.4237
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