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Assignment Guides

One way we teach is through Bibliographic Instruction Classes . . . here's how it works:

You assign a research project to your class -- it can be a research paper, a speech, a group project, ANYTHING that requires them to find a "source" other than their own opinions.

Then you contact the library to request a library instruction session.

Now the magic happens!

Once we receive a copy of your assignment, we assign your class to a librarian.  That librarian will contact you to verify the time and location for the class, as well as the parameters of the assignment.  After all, it's YOUR assignment, so we want to make sure that we're giving your students exactly what they need.

Next, your librarian will create a unique, highly customized "library guide" that presents your assignment, along with all of the steps and resources for your students to successfully complete that assignment.  The guide is permanent (unless you request that we remove it, which is sometimes appropriate between semesters, and we're glad to do so), easy to locate, and continues to help your students until the assignment is completed.

We call them "Assignment Guides".... and if you take a look below, you'll see what we're teaching right now!


What we're teaching right now


Teaching is What Librarians Do BEST!

Your GHC Librarians are TEACHING Librarians.  We provide our greatest value to our students and faculty by actively participating in the teaching and learning activites of all areas of the curriculum.

And, frankly, we're pretty darn good at it.


Embedded Librarians

image of book with computer code overlaid

Teach online?  Want a librarian to have a presence in your web-based class?  (Want a librarian to have a web presence in your face-to-face class?)

Check out our information on Embedded Librarians!  

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