GHC Libraries

Library Mission and Goals

Mission:   The Georgia Highlands College Library supports the College’s mission of access to excellent educational opportunities.  By providing access to information resources, services, and instruction, the libraries at all Georgia Highlands College locations provide an environment conducive to successful learning and meaningful research.


  • The Library supports information competency by providing formal bibliographic instruction, comfortable and secure networked spaces for learning, and comprehensive reference services for students, faculty, and staff.

  • The Library provides high quality reference and teaching services to enable students to use information resources efficiently and effectively.

  • The Library provides access to information in a variety of formats through current and emerging technologies.

  • The Library provides resources to all users at the point of need in a timely manner.

  • The Library supports and participates in the cultural development of students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities by providing a venue for displays, events and activities.

  • The Library maintains effective collaborations with partner institutions.

  • The Library participates in consortial relationships with University System of Georgia libraries and other institutions.

  • The Library maintains appropriate collections at all Georgia Highlands College locations by acquiring, managing, and preserving information in a variety of formats, including online resources provided through consortial relationships with all University System of Georgia libraries.

  • The Library utilizes proper budget management practices, including setting priorities for expenditures and adhering to procedures for purchases and budget adjustments.

  • The Library staff participates in professional development activities to stay abreast of trends and advances in the field of librarianship.


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