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Nutrition Resources: Food and Nutrition Basics

Why is Nutrition Important

Your food choices each day affect your health — how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.

Is a Calorie a Calorie? Processed Food, Experiment Gone Wrong

We’ve all heard the dictate that a calorie is a calorie regardless of its source. But are all foods truly created equal in terms of how they affect our health and weight? Given the barrage of competing information directed at us every day, what do we really know about healthy eating? Speakers: Christopher Gardner, PhD, and Robert Lustig, MD,

Stanford Health Care, Video Library, Nutrition <>

My Plate

Choose My Plate

MyPlate is a new generation icon with the intent to prompt consumers to think about building a healthy plate at meal times and to seek more information to help them do that by going to  MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet:  fruit, vegetable, grains, protein foods, and dairy groups.

Dietary Guidelines

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, produced by HHS and the U.S. Department of Agriculture every five years, provides evidence-based nutrition information and advice to help Americans make smart choices about food and physical activity so they can live healthier lives.  The Guidelines note the important role that physical activity and healthy eating habits can play in preventing weight gain, reducing weight, and reducing risk for chronic diseases, and advise that people eat the recommended amount of calories for each life stage: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and older age.

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