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ENGL 1101 - Patterson (Floyd) FALL 2013 TTh: Assignment

Assignment guide for English paper

Research Project

English 1101 TR Persuasive/Analytical Essay Assignment

 Write an effective, grammatically sound persuasive/analytical essay between 500 and 800 words in length, double-spaced, with 12 point font and 1 inch margins using MLA formatting for headers and running heads.  We will work on rough drafts and citations mechanics during class November 7, and papers will be turned-in by the end of that class session. Papers must also be submitted to by the end of class ­­­­­­­­­­­November 7.

 This essay will serve as in introduction to research and MLA formatting as you will locate and cite sources of information to support your arguments. Your essay must employ at least TWO SECONDARY SOURCES, as well as parenthetical citations and a "Works Cited" page in proper MLA format – all of which are covered in Harbrace chapters 32 and 33 and about which we will discuss in class. Likewise, the Assignment Guide created by the GHC Library and located at will be very helpful. Any electronic source must come from GIL or GALILEO, and information on GALILEO citations is located at the online handout at .

 Evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.

  As always, if you have questions about this process beyond our class discussions, contact me or the Tutorial Center.


 Choose your topic from one of the following:

 -How has online social media impacted U.S. presidential elections?

 -What impacts do the arts (music, visual arts, drama, etc.) have upon academic achievement?

 -Is it safe to use hands-free communication technology while driving? Why, or why not?

 -What impacts do school uniforms have upon educational environments?

 -Why has childhood obesity increased in the U.S.?

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