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FCCS 1100 - Kiser - Online: FCCS Capstone Project

Assignment guide for FCCS

Information Competency (IC)

IC stands for information competency, which is the ability to recognize what type of information is needed, locate that information, evaluate it and use it effectively.  


FCCS Capstone Project

FCCS 1100 Capstone Project

Task:  To research a field in which there has been major technological change or to examine the advancement of a particular technology itself.  The research will be conducted by writing on the past, present, or future of the technology.

Topic Ideas:  You may choose from those listed below or may select another area of interest.  In either case, the instructor must approve the choice.  Topic areas may be broadened or narrowed to accommodate the research.



   Wireless Technology


   Warfare Technology

   Technology in the classroom

   Solar Energy

   Automotive Technology

   Nuclear Energy

   Oil Spill Recovery

   Energy Source Discovery

   Shipping Technology

   Sailing Technology

   Athletic Training Technology

   Cruise Ship Technology

   Earth Flight Technology

   Space Flight Technology


   Weather Technology – Prediction, Detection, and/or Preparation

   Earthquake Technology – Prediction, Detection, and/or Preparation

   Cleaning Water/Finding Water/Transporting Water

   Video Game Technology


   Food Growing

   Medical Diagnostic Procedures

   Curing Cancer or other diseases


   New drug development

   Recycling Technology

Questions to consider within each aspect of Past, Present, and Future (Note: These questions are the minimum items that must be covered in your paper.)


·        What was the impetus behind the technology development?  Was there a need to be met?  What was it?

·        Who were the major players?

·        Trace the history and major developments of the technology

·        What were the major roadblocks?  How were they overcome?

·        How was the technology initially received?

·        What were its intended use(s)?

·        What were some of the developers initial thoughts on the impact the technology would have on society?

·        What were some of the developers initial thoughts on the impact the technology would have on the environment?


·        What is the current state of the technology?  Where is it used?  How is it used? How does it work?  Is it profitable?  How widely adapted is it?  Has it lived up to expectations?

·        Who are the major players now?

·        Is the technology being used as intended or has it been adapted from the original intent?

·        What are its problems?

·        What are its successes?

·        What is its impact on society?

·        What is its impact on the environment?


·        What research is being done in the field and by whom?

·        What is the direction of the research?  Why is it being undertaken?  Is there a monetary motive?  Is it being undertaken to improve something?  If so, what?

·        What roadblocks need to be overcome to advance the research?

·        What are the expected outcomes of the research?

·        What are the potential future impacts on society?

·        What are the potential future impacts on the environment?

Mechanics of Paper:  Should be written in Word 2010 and follow MLA style guidelines.  4 pages of content (not including reference page).  Must have a minimum of 5 sources (3 from Galileo and at least one peer-reviewed).

Mechanics of PowerPoint:  Should be done in PowerPoint 2010 and contain a minimum of 5 slides.  The slides must have at least one clip art, one animation, and one transition.

Due date provided by your instructor.

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