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ENGL 2122 - Patterson, Spring 2013: Literary Analysis Research Paper

Assignment guide



Patterson’s English 2122 Literary Analysis Research Paper

Due: April 10 at start of class as a printed hardcopy and a submission to (course enrollment number and password will be provided in class).

Length and Format: Between 1400-2000 words in 12-point font with 1-inch margins.

Research Requirements: From 3-6 secondary sources are required. The Norton textbook should be used and cited, but it does not count as one of the required secondary sources. All electronic sources must come from either GIL or GALILEO. The GHC Library has developed a customized guide to this assignment, which may be found at its website under the “Assignment Guide” link.

Citation Requirement: All secondary source material, used as paraphrases, summaries and/or direct quotes, must be cited parenthetically and included in your works cited page. All citations will follow MLA guidelines found in the MLA Handbook (Library has a copy on reserve), Harbrace Handbook (from English 1101 and 1102) and online, with specific information linked here on GALILEO and electronic book citations, at . A visual example of MLA layout for headers, running heads, works cited pages, etc. is available in this online example.


Content/Development: Paper should be grammatically sound and solidly organized and supported, and should include the following:

1-      a brief (no more than 400 word) biographical overview of one of the authors below, including an identification of the era which the author represents (Romanticism, Victorians, Moderns/20th Century), and a listing of major works from the author

2-      an in-depth analysis of one or two works of the author which we did NOT cover in class (If you choose short poems or essays to analyze, you should select two writings; if you choose an epic poem, a novel or a play, you should analyze only one work). Use adequate literary terminology linked here within the analysis, and judiciously employ paraphrases and quotations from the literature you analyze to support your points, using adequate citation for such. (Information on the mechanics of citing quotations from literature and general tips on literary analysis is linked here to a handout on writing about literature.) Issues to consider about the literature you select can include, but are not limited to genre, theme (particularly as this may relate to the era the author represents), symbolism, figurative language, point of view, imagery, tone, etc.  As you write, keep in mind the information linked here on  a handout on literary analysis .


Authors you may choose are: Charlotte Smith, Mary Robinson, Jane Austen, Percy Shelley, Charles Dickens, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, A.E. Houseman, J.R.R. Tolkien

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, immediately contact me or go to the Tutorial Center, located in the Central Campus Library, where tutors can help with your paper if you feel you need additional assistance. In addition, the GHC librarians can provide guidance with research. And, as always, I am available by email, phone, after class or by appointment.

The evaluation form linked here will be used as a grading guide for your final paper.


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