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 The answers to the 10 questions in the Library Assignment can be found in these databases.  We have provided hot links to the correct database under each question. Good luck!

Bloom's Literary Reference Online

CINAHL with Full Text

Films on Demand

Global Road Warrior

Issues and Controversies


LexisNexis Academic

Literary Reference Center

MEDLINE with Full Text

Opposing Viewpoints in Context



Library Assignment

1.  What would be the name of the database where you could find hundreds of articles from newspapers around the world?  Secondly, what is the date of an article, featured in this database, from USA Today, entitled, "Thousands in N. California told to flee fire?"   See link below for answer.

2. Using the MLA citation style for citing an entire web site, how would you cite a website by Dino Felluga entitled "Guide to Literary and Critical Theory," featured on the Purdue University web site and dated Nov. 28, 2003?

Go to Citation Helper at OWL on our Library Home page for answer.

3. I need to find a  video that covers a basic introduction to Quadratics and explain how throwing a football is like drawing a parabola.  What is the best database for finding this film?  Secondly, what is the length of the section of the film discussing how quadratics is similar to football?

4.  In one of the medical databases, there is a very good article on treating pleurisy.  The full-text, peer-reviewed article is entitled, "Pleurisy," and is located in the May 2007 issue of American Family Physician.  What is the name of the database where this article can be found?  Secondly, the article states, under the section on Treatment, that the "management of pleurisy has 2 primary goals.  State one of the two primary goals. and, or

5.  Which literary database would give me the most critical articles on Terry McMillan's novel, 'Waiting to Exhale?'

6. There are two databases that are especially helpful in discussing controversial issues facing our society today.  Both discuss the controversy concerning "assault weapons."  But only one of the databases discusses an article from November 17, 2008, in which opponents of assault weapons discuss their reason for restricting these types of guns.  What is the name of the database where the article can be found?

7.  Which database in GALILEO focuses exclusively on countries around the world?  Secondly, though English is listed as the official language of the country of Belize, what is the percentage of citizens who actually speak it?

8.  If I wanted to find an article, dated February 1901, from the Classical Review, on Plato's Apology, what would be the best database to search for finding something that far back in time?

9.  Using the MLA citation style, what would be the basic format for citing an article from a scholarly journal on the Works Cited page at the end of the paper?  In other words, what order would things appear in (author name, publication date, journal title, etc., etc.).

See Citation Helper at OWL on our Library Home Page for answer.

10.  I need to find at least 10 good academic journal articles on the prognosis of West Nile virus.  My nursing instructor wants me to use a nursing/allied health database to find all of these articles.   Of all the medical databases covered by the librarian, which one would be the best to use for answering this question?


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