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Tips and Tricks for Tutors: Books (GIL-Find)


Books can be GREAT sources when you want in-depth information on a person or something else big... like a biography or an historical event!

Book Search




Search for books, ebooks, DVDs, periodicals, and more @ GHC or other libraries:

Go to: Advanced Search @ GHC  |  e-Book Help Guide

Special e-Book collections: Popular reading @ Overdrive  |  Health sciences resources @ R2

Search Tips


Just start by searching using the basics, like a name (Jean Piaget, World War II).

After you search, if you want to just see ebooks, you can click on "Full Access Online" and read them immediately!

Requesting a Book


Want a print book from another GHC campus?  How about from another school? Never fear, it's easy to do!

Go to the Gil-Find Catalog (or use the box to the left) and search for the books you need. 

Once you find it, click on the book title to "open" the book information. Below the book info, you'll see one of two different buttons:

  • A button under the book information that says "Sign In / Request Items".

(You will need to sign in using your network email and password, then you'll be brought back to this screen.) Then you'll see.... 

  • A button that says "Request". (If you don't see the sign-in button, you're already signed in because you logged into another system.) Click "Request" and choose your pickup location. 

If you don't see the "Request button", you may see something that says "No available services for this item", with "Request from other USG Libraries" that has schools listed beneath.

 Select a school, and you'll see the Request button! Click on it.

Choose your pickup location and then click "Send Request".

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