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FCCS 1100 - Kapitza - May2012: Assignment

FCCS research paper assignment


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All about the Final Project

FCCS 1100


Your final project in FCCS 1100 integrates the computing skills developed throughout the semester.  The project involves several components:

  • Researching your chosen topic on-line through Internet Explorer, using web-based search engines and Galileo
  • Organizing your research and writing a research paper using MS-WORD 2010
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your research paper
  • Presenting your PowerPoint presentation in class
  • E-mailing me a copy of your PowerPoint presentation and your research paper.

 Here are the specifics:

 1.                Picking a research topic.  The topic for this class will be to select a city you wish to travel to and research that city.  Please e-mail me your choice of city before the due date on your syllabus. 

2.               After you have your city approved, start your research.  Find at least 3 Sources, They must all be different. Such as one web sites, one book, one periodical, one magazine or one newspaper article that are related to your topic.  Use Galileo checking databases related to your topic. If you need help looking up sources on Galileo, ask the Librarian.  Be sure to save the web addresses from your sources so that you can create a bibliography when you write your paper. 

Some EXAMPLE Questions you might think about for your paper.

1. Why did I choose this city, maybe a little history of the city

2. How would I get there? (Plane, train, bus,car)

3. How much time am I spending in the city and what is there to do?

4. Where would I stay and how much would it cost?

5 Where will I eat and what type of food might be available to me?

6. Am I going alone, with a friend, with a tour group?

7. How much would it cost to get to my city?

8. What is the total price

 3.               Type your paper in MS-WORD 2010, using the MLA style discussed in your MS-WORD textbook chapter 2.  Your paper must contain a word count of at least 800 words.    Number all the pages of your paper, again using the MLA style described in your textbook.  Include parenthetical citations as appropriate, with page numbers if appropriate.  Make your paper interesting by including colors and at least one picture or a graph that is related to your subject, you can add more if you wish.  Font choice, spacing and indentation are left to you, but make sure you follow MLA styles.

 4.               A rough draft of your paper is due see your syllabus for dates send it to me in email. I want your sources (references) listed in your rough draft with the works cited page properly formatted and entered into Word ( see Chapter 2 if you don’t know how to do this.).

 5.               You must include a Works Cited page that lists all your research sources.  Your textbook refers to the bibliography as a “Works Cited” page.  Format your bibliography entries as we did in class. 

6.               Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your paper.  Be sure to include:

Ø  A title slide for the presentation with your name. (No footer)

Ø  At least four additional slides that present the main ideas of your paper

Ø  Note:  That's a total of at least 5 slides!  You may include more slides if you wish, but notice below the time limit on your presentation to the class. Slides need to have a footer with your name, the current date and page number.

 Format the slides; you can include any or all of the following: pictures, clip-art, sounds, and changing the background colors, themes, and transition effects of the slides as appropriate.  Be creative.  The PowerPoint presentation makes your research paper come to life! 

 7.               Present your PowerPoint presentation to your classmates during a 5-10 minute talk.  It's very important that you practice your presentation in advance to make sure it fits within the required time frame.  If your presentation is too long or too short (in terms of time), you lose points.

 8.               E-mail me a copy of your PowerPoint presentation and a final copy of your research paper.  Check due dates on syllabus

Please e-mail if you have questions about the project or about these instructions. 

 Remember:  The final project counts as 20% of your grade. Presentations start the class after the final test.  I will ask for volunteers, if no one volunteers we will draw names to determine the order of presentations.  Part of your grade for the paper will be a grading rubric for the other students so you must be at all of the presentations.

 If your name is selected and you are not prepared you will get an F for the class part of the presentation.

 Grading for final project

  •  This final project counts as 20% of your grade.
  •  Rough draft 10 points
  •  Final paper 25 points
  • Final PowerPoint 25 points
  •  Presentation to class 28 points
  •  Peer review 12 points total
  •  Total points 100 points

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