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PSYC 2103-Davis: Assignment


  • Should the U.S. send more troops to Afghanistan?
  • Should Creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Should major corporations and financial institutions be allowed to fail? Were we right or wrong to bail them out?
  • Is the customer still always right? Should the customer always be right?
  • Should doctors’ offices be penalized in some way for long wait times? How?
  • Should there be a “maximum age” for a driver’s license? Should the elderly have their licenses revoked?
  •  Should children with ADHD and similar conditions be medicated?
  • Do reality TV shows encourage or condone outrageous behavior, or encourage or condone poor parenting?
  • Does our current system of voting requirements work? Should we further restrict voting rights, or should we lift voting restrictions?
  • Should all news organizations have equal access to the White House?
  • Should endangered species be protected even if it costs jobs?



IC Assignments


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