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FCCS - Kiser (Floyd): Assignments

Guide for IC assignment and Research Project

(IC) Information Competency Project

IC stands for information competency, which is the ability to recognize what type of information is needed, locate that information, evaluate it and use it effectively.  

The Library IC exercise is located in the box to the right.  Make sure that you read the questions closely, understand what is being asked and answer all parts of the question. Good Luck!!


IC Exercise (FCCS 1100)                                                                                

This is a pretest of your research skills prior to the research component for this class.  Just answer all you possibly can.  You will not receive a grade for the pretest.  You will need to submit the pretest answers to me as an attachment using your college email account. Check your Vista page next week for the “Library Orientation” link and the “Post Test.” 

1. Before Georgia Highlands College existed, it was known as Floyd College.  The college archives contain a huge volume of documents pertaining to the history of the college from 1970 up to the present.  Did the college ever have any yearbooks?  If so, how many?


2. I am taking an English 1102 class and I have to find peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles that contain criticisms of William Faulkner's novel, "Sanctuary."  I've been told that MLA International Bibliography in GALILEO is a good place to look.  Using that database, how many full-text, peer-reviewed articles can I find on the aforementioned topic?



3. If I want to request a book from a library outside the GHC Library System, I have to fill out an interlibrary loan form.  According to the online form, what are the four things I have to supply to the library staff about the book I want in order for them to process the request for me?


4. In the library’s conduct policy, is it okay to have food and drinks in the library?  And if so, under what conditions can I bring a drink into the building?


5. According to the latest MLA format style, found on the GHC Library Home Page, how should I list the following printed book on the Works Cited page?  Author: Hiram P. Bell.  Title: "Men and Things." City of Publication: Atlanta.  Publisher: Foote & Davies Company.  Year of Publication: 1907.


6. My literature professor wants me to use a Research Guide to look up valuable Shakespearean resources.  If I find the guide, I need to find a Trivia link and tell her what tradition states is Shakespeare’s supposed birthday (not just the year, but the month and day too).  So what is the birthday, according to tradition?

7. My physics professor wants me to read a particular peer-reviewed journal article on aviation and physics.  The article has something to do with "atmospheric turbulence."  It was published in 2009, and I think he said he saw it in GALILEO's Research Library database.  Anyway, I have to read the article and tell him what E.D.R. means.


8. I need to find the link on the GHC Library's Home Page entitled Research Guides.  Under that link, I have to find the guide for Philosophy, and look up a quote that sums up the meaning of Stoicism.  What does the quote say?


9. If you go to the GALILEO database, World News Digest, you can find news articles dating back to 1940.  In 1964, in Philadelphia, Mississippi, three civil rights workers were murdered.  On Oct. 20, 1967, seven men were convicted of those murders.  One of the convicted men was the chief deputy sheriff of Neshoba County.  What was his name?


10. I can’t get to the library because of my long job hours.  My art professor told me that I can still access something called “e-books” on the library home page from my home computer.  I have to do a paper on the artist, Picasso.  Does the GHC library have any e-books on Picasso, and, if so, what are their titles?

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