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Plagiarism Topic Guide: Detecting Plagiarism

Lots of info about what plagiarism is, how to identify it, and most importantly how to AVOID it


GHC instructors have access to Turnitin, the plagiarism detection service. Students can also use Turnitin. Before you can use Turnitin, contact Jeff Linek (GHC Turnitin Administrator) for the required GHC Account ID and Account Join Passwords. When you receive your credentials, go to Turnitin New Users to get started.

The Turnitin Academy offers free tutorials. The site offers "a series of highly interactive webinars geared toward taking instructors beyond just plagiarism prevention and toward a powerful pedagogy for 'writing to learn.'

 The following support and training materials will assist students, instructors and administrators in getting started with their Turnitin accounts:

  • Quickstart guides walk you through a step-by-step process to introduce you to the service and get you up and running.
  • User manuals provide in-depth, thorough explanations of Turnitin's features and products.
  • Video tutorials help instructors and administrators in using Turnitin's features and functions.

Software and Services for Plagiarism Detection

If you are interested in other plagiarism detection services, here are some other resources:

Floyd Library - 706.295.6318 | Heritage Hall - 706.295.6321 | Cartersville Library - 678.872.8400 | Marietta - 678.915.5010 | Paulding Library - 678.946.1007 | Douglasville Library - 678.872.4237
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