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POLS1101H - Hutchins -Fall2011: Assignment


Students in the Honors course will be asked to complete a multi-faceted project.  Students will be asked to examine a piece of legislation.


Part 1

Each student should create a proposal for their project that selects a piece of legislation based on the topics that are covered during the course.  Each topic must be approved by the instructor.  Part 1 is worth 15 points.


Part 2

Requires students to make a timeline concerning actions taken on the piece of legislation, starting with introduction in Congress and following the legislation through passage and signature into law.  Part 2 of the project will be worth 30 points.


Part 3

Requires students to give an oral presentation on their legislation.  This oral presentation should include information about what the legislation did, groups that were opposed to the legislation, and groups that were in favor of the legislation.  The oral presentation should also include a visual aid, such as a power point presentation.  Part 3 of the project will be worth 55 points for the presentation and 40 points for the visual aid.


Part 4

Requires students to submit a 3-5 page paper that contains a summary of their findings, a bibliography, the final timeline, and a statement that would include their recommendations for any changes to the legislation.  Part 4 of the project will be worth 60 points.


This Honors Project will be worth a total of 200 points.  More details about the due dates for specific parts of the project will be forthcoming.



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