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Shakespeare Topic Guide: Plays

Information about all things Shakespeare!

BBC Ambrose Videos

High quality streaming videos of all 37 plays by Shakespeare, produced by the  British Broadcast Corporation (BBC).
Closed captioning and easy options to view individual acts are available.


Histories were typically based on the lives of English Kings (except for Macbeth & King Lear, which are regarded as a tragedies).
Courtesy of the Shakespeare Resource Center.

Comedies: "My Oberon! What visions have I seen!" ~ Titania

                                                                                  A Midsummer Night's Dream   

Almost all of the plays written after the plague hit London are comedies, perhaps reflecting the public's desire at the time for light-hearted fare. Courtesy of the Shakespeare Resource Center.

Establishing the chronology of Shakespeare's plays is difficult because it is impossible to know the exact order of succession. There is no record of the first production date of any of Shakespeare's works. ©1999-2012 Amanda Mabillard.

Late Romances

The Romances featured plays with redemptive plot lines, happy endings, fantastical images and other magical elements. Courtesy of the Shakespeare Resource Center.



    Written during Shakespeare's darkest periods, these plays were riddled with tales of  betrayal, murder, lust, power and egoism. Courtesy of the Shakespeare Resource Center.

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