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2011 Library Renovation: Week of 6/20

Photos and information about the library's 2011 renovation

Week of 6/20

Cool new lighting for the front!


Another shot of the new lights.  Their similarity to the Rovers from the TV show the Prisoner has already been noted.


Susan's office getting a new coat of paint.


And Larry's office as well.


Looking towards the tutorial center.  Some of our new furniture (we should have more coming in soon to replace the old tables and chairs)


Where the periodicals used to be.  Note that lack of unisex bathroom in the back right corner; that's been torn out.


Women's restroom

Another shot of the women's restroom


Carpet in the very back righthand corner of the library looking out to the lake.  This is where our periodicals used to be.


In front of Susan's office.


Theresa and Lindsey model our temporary breakroom in the tech services area.


Our breakroom with no carpet...but lots of GLUE on the floor!! (this will be tiled)

OMG...Elijah is stuck like a fly on flypaper!  Send help!












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