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2011 Library Renovation: Week of June 6th

Photos and information about the library's 2011 renovation

Week of June 6th

Larry models our new "hard labor" library dress code (this is what you get to wear when you shift pounds and pounds of books and take down shelves every day at work)

New women's restroom.  Almost finished!!!


Some of our groovy new furniture.


New lighting over the reference area.


Workers installing more of the new light fixtures.

Larry and Russell demolishing shelving units.

Theresa and Susanna in the salt mines!

Honorary Librarian Rob Ramsey helps move our public computer terminals.

Our new BI classroom with carpet and tables.  Almost ready to go!!

Library Director Elijah Scott uses his reference skills (and athletic prowess) to remove a bird that got into the library.

The faux trees that used to be in the library needed to go.  Theresa and Susanna decided to landscape the porto-potty with them.

Theresa's big To-Do list.  All marked off!!

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