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Google Scholar: How to Search Google Scholar

Searching and Using Results

Searching Google Scholar is much like searching Google . . . just type something in and see what happens!

If you want to be more precise in your search, chose the "Advanced Scholar Search."  There's a large number of options available that will let you be very precise in what you search for.

Making the most of your search results...

When you search Google Scholar, you'll see results from a wide variety of books, magazines, journals, conference papers, and other scholarly sources.  You will be able to access the full-text of many of these sources directly from Google Scholar.

As you look through your search results, look closely for options for FindIt or Full Text.

When you see these options, you may be able to access the source directly through GALILEO, or you may be able to locate a print copy of the source at your Georgia Highlands College Libraries.

Please note: It ain't perfect!!!  You will sometimes find links to sources that simply don't work.  If this happens, please-please-please ask a librarian for help, and we will be glad to locate the source for you.

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