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Music Appreciation: Websites

Guide for Music Appreciation

A Checklist

image of clipboard with a checkmarkUse these questions to help you evaluate websites:


1. Who wrote the page?

2. Can you contact the person? How?

3. What is the purpose of the web site?

4. How is the author qualified to write the document on this page? 


1. Who published the page?

2. What is the domain type of the web site?


1. What are the goals/objectives of the site?

2. How detailed is the information

3. What opinions are expressed by the author


1. When was the website first published?

2. When was it last updated?

3. Are the links (if any) up-to-date?


1. If links are provided, do they relate to the content of the web site?

2. Is there a balance between text and images?

3. Are sources given for the information presented?

Overall Rating

1. How well does this web site meet your information needs?

How Do I Evaluate Sources?


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