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Get Started With Galileo




There are some important things you need to know about articles and databases.

GALILEO is chock-full of information, but some of its contents would not be appropriate for college-level work.  For example, you would never want to use the following in any assignment requiring scholarly or peer-reviewed sources:

  • Book Reviews
  • Encyclopedia entries
  • Dictionary entries

Why do I point this out?  Because these kinds of results can often appear in your searches, and you need to be able to recognize them.

For book reviews, look in the first few sentences for things like a book title with an author, or phrases like "this is a review of the book Blah Blah Blah"  Sometimes in the basic citation link - even before you click into it - you will see the words "book review".  Just say NO!

Encyclopedia and dictionary entries are even easier to spot.  Look at the citation link for the words "encyclopedia" or "dictionary."

All this is to remind you to PAY ATTENTION to what you're reading!  If you make sure you have excellent sources right from the start, you'll have a much easier time when you get down to writing your paper. 

TASKS for PART 3: Using Galileo

Galileo is your one-stop-shop for library research!

What to do on this page:

  1. Check out the Get Started With Galileo video for lots of tips and tricks. There's also a review of how Galileo is structured in the What is Galileo? box.
  2. The Read Me First information is all about sources you might encounter in Galileo that are rarely appropriate to use as a research paper source.
  3. A Galileo search box has also been provided so you can jump right in, or take advantage of the advanced search strategies on the next page of this guide. 

GHC Libraries Search

Search for articles and more in databases @ GALILEO:

Go to: GALILEO  |   Databases by Subject   |   Find a Journal  |  All Databases A-Z


Search for books, ebooks, DVDs, periodicals, and more @ GHC or other libraries:

Go to: Advanced Search @ GHC  |  e-Book Help Guide

Special e-Book collections: Popular reading @ Overdrive  |  Health sciences resources @ R2


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What is Galileo?

What is Galileo?

GALILEO is a collection of databases provided by GHC and the University System of Georgia.

What is a Database?

A DATABASE is searchable collection of online subscription resources (journals, images, videos, and sometimes whole books); usually material that is not available through free search engines like Google

What is a Journal?

A JOURNAL is a regularly published "magazine", usually related to an academic discipline, often containing articles, book reviews, and other material about the subject

What is an Article?

An ARTICLE is a single written work published in a journal or magazine

Still Confused?

Think of a filing cabinet. The whole cabinet is Galileo. A single drawer is a database. A folder within the drawer is a journal (or a book!). A piece of paper within a folder is an article (or a book chapter!)


filing cabinet with drawer pulled out and file folder with a piece of paper

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