ENGL 1102 - Abbott (Online) - Fall 2023

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Susanna Smith
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This guide will walk you through the tasks for your research project. The first task talks about getting started with research. The second will cover how to evaluate web-based sources. Finally, we will look at how to use Galileo tools and the book catalog in order to locate sources for your research paper.


The skills you will practice are:

  1. Using website source evaluation strategies.
  2. Refining and narrowing searches using built-in database limiters.
  3. Searching the library catalog in order to locate an appropriate resource.


The skills necessary to locate and evaluate sources are transferable to other research you will do in the future, in a library or work setting, or when using a general web browser like Google.


PART 1: Starting Your Research
  • Watch the very helpful Research is Like Shopping video. It will provide an introduction (or refresher!) about how Galileo and GIL-Find work.

  • If you need a refresher on keyword searching take a look at the Search Strategies page.


PART 2: Locating and Evaluating a Local News Article

The second task is all about locating a news source and making sure it's appropriate for your project. This is often called "Source evaluation", and is a critical aspect when you use any type of information you find on the open web.

This content covers all types of websites, but should also be applied to any news website you find as well!

What to do:

  • Watch the 5Ws video.
  • Review the About the 5Ws page to understand the questions to ask when encountering internet sources. 
  • Apply those questions when searching online for your news sources.
  • Use the news links provided, or search out your own sources! (In either case, make sure you evaluate your article before submitting it!)
PARTS 3 & 4: Using Galileo and GIL-Find to Locate Additional Sources

Galileo and GIL-Find are your best places to do academic research. Once you've located your news article and understand a bit about the research process and search strategies, you will need to locate academic sources about your topic. For this assignment, you must use Galileo and GIL-Find. These two tabs will help you with that, and the librarian will go over this information during the online session as well.

  • Review the Galileo: Articles page on how to use Galileo to find articles. 

  • The Galileo: Advanced Searching page takes you through using the advanced search features as well as using Boolean operators.

  • Finally, take a look at how to use GIL-Find, our book catalog, to find books. 


The work you do based on the content of this library guide and information literacy instruction will be evaluated as part of your research project. Locating excellent sources will help you write an excellent paper!

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