ENGL 1102 - Wheeler (Floyd) - Fall 2023


Topic choices: (All of these topics assume you will have 4-5 points of discussion). For this assignment, it is acceptable to use Essay 2 as a basis for the longer research paper. You may also choose a different story/topic if you wish.

· Explain how Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" is considered revolutionary and ahead of its time.

· Explain how Kate Chopin uses irony in "The Story of an Hour."

· Explain how Toni Morrison uses one of the following motifs in "Recitatif": mothers, clothing, or food.

· Discuss one of these themes of "Recitatif": class, power, friendship.

· Explain at least two symbols found in "The Lottery."

· Explain how "The Lottery" may have been based on real-life events.

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