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HIST 1122 - Hensley (Floyd) - Spring 2023: Home

Reference & Instruction Librarian/ College Archivist

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Melanie Vincent
Floyd Campus: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Cartersville Campus: Wednesday, Thursday

Learning Objective

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Refine and narrow searches using built-in database limiters

Assignment Topics

  1. Why were most (male) French revolutionaries hesitant to extend full civil and political rights to women, when they did extend them for religious minorities, enslaved people, and members of “questionable professions?”
  2. How were debates about human rights during the French Revolution also debates about who was considered “French?”
  3. During the French Revolution, ‘human rights’ usually took a back seat to concerns about profit and national security.” Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not?
  4. How and why did the ideas of “universal rights” and “natural law” change between the period of the late Englightenment (1750s-1770s) to the period of the French Revolution?

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