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ENGL 1101 - Abbott (Online) - Fall 2023

TASKS for PART 1: Website Evaluation Module

The first module is all about source evaluation, a key part of what you'll be doing when you look for information on the open web.

  • Watch the 5Ws video.
  • Review the About the 5Ws page to understand the questions to ask when encountering internet sources. 
  • Apply those questions when searching online for your internet sources.


What are the 5Ws?
  • They are a handy set of tips to guide your evaluation in order to determine if a source is reliable, credible, and authoritative.
How do you use them?
  • Ask the suggested questions found on the About the 5Ws page. How you answer them should help you determine if your source is a good one.
  • The 5Ws Quick Chart is your handy one-stop-shop which can serve as a reference tool!
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