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Video Recording Studio Instructions & Guidelines: Home

Welcome to the Video Recording Studio Guide!

Please watch this tutorial by CETL's Josie Baudier on how to use the Video Recording Studio. After viewing the tutorial please read through the the Getting Started and Finishing Up boxes below. At the bottom of this guide you will see an agreement form that you must complete before you can register to use the Video Recording Studio. You will also find the library and CETL's contact information should you have any questions. 

Getting Started

1. Turn on the lights with the light switch.​

2. Hang the "Recording in Progress" poster on the outside of the door.​

3. Turn on the handheld microphone and hang the lanyard from your neck. No other device in the studio will record sound.​

3. Sign into the desktop:

When logging in you may encounter a screen issue. If the screen is off-center, press the escape button. Let the library know if there are any further issues. 

Faculty/staff: user name is everything before @ in your email. Sign in like this:

Students: user name is everything before the @ in your student email.

You will then go through the process of setting up the computer each time. You will simply click through each screen until the end. Options to move through the screens include:

  • Set up later
  • Skip
  • Siri: uncheck enable
  • Updates: click ok
  • Close all updates

4. Plug in the flash drive provided by the Library into the Recording Center. Your presentation will be recorded to the provided flash drive.​ You may also record to your personal flash drive if you have one with you.

5. Plug in all other flash drives (including the flash drive with your PowerPoint lecture, if necessary) into the device marked “USB Hub” at the computer station.​ The clicker USB should already be plugged into the monitor. You will need to turn on the clicker before starting.

6. Select which preset camera view best suits your style and needs. The preset selection is a small device located on the wall next to a poster explaining the presets. Please scroll through the presets SLOWLY and PATIENTLY, the equipment takes time to change views. Clicking multiple times can cause the equipment to malfunction. Patience is key here. View on confidence monitor which displays how your presentation is being recorded.

7. Once you have selected your preset, you are almost ready to start recording! The Recording Center will have several buttons on them:​

-The red circle is the ”Record” button. Pressing this will start recording after roughly 2 seconds after it starts. 
-The black square is the “Stop” button. Pressing this will stop your recording and automatically save it to the flash drive with the key attached.​ The flashdrive should be blinking while it is saving your recording to it. Please do not remove the flashdrive until it is done blinking to ensure your recording is saved. We recommend cleaning up before removing the flashdrive. You should check your recording on your laptop or computer. You can also check it on the iMac in the studio. 
-The two vertical black line button is the “Pause” button. To resume recording, press the pause button again.

Finishing Up

  1. Log out of computer when you are finished.
  2. Clean light board:
    1. Use the cleaning products provided: Windex foam cleaner and a microfiber towel.
  3. Clean white board:
    1. Use the cleaning products provided: whiteboard cleaner and a paper towel.
  4. Throw away any used paper towels and trash of any kind.
  5. Remove both USBs. 
  6. Remove recording sign from outside of door and place it on hook on the inside of the door.
  7. Turn off lights.
  8. Lock and shut the door firmly.
  9. Return microphone lanyard and Video Recording Studio key to the library.


Video Recording Studio Agreement Form

***This form must be completed in order to secure your booking.

Book your reservation here: 

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