PSYC 1101 - Wilson (Floyd) - Fall 2021

The Assignment

PAPER (7 pages) Format and Content for Writing on a Famous Psychologist and Theory Provide information regarding the famous psychologist’s history and theory:

1. Personal life: Personal life history, such as birth, family, nationality, etc...

2. Professional Training: How they came to be in psychology (or were trained as a physician and/or philosophical/scientific thinker) 3. Contributions to the Profession: What are the things they are known for, or should be known for? Why the world cares: what made you pick this person?

Examples for theory or schools/systems of psychology :

1. Overview of theory or school of thought: What is the system/school perspective and what areas of psychology does it address?

2. Main Influences: What forces were at work to bring about such a school/system and who were the main players in its formation?

3. Contributions to the Profession of Psychology: What are the lasting effects in the field from this school/system, what is it known for, or should be known for?

4. Why I Care: what made you pick this psychologist’s school/system?

Appropriate psychology sources include:

  • Textbooks Biographies
  • Galileo: Journal articles
  • Other works written by the person in question.
  • Do not use Wikipedia!
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