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ENGL 2111 - Abbott (Online) - Fall 2021

Adding Limits/Filters

After you've reviewed basic search strategies on the first page, let's look at some other tools Galileo has to offer!

You can narrow your results by adding limits (or filters) found under "Refine Results" in the box on the left.  The video mentioned Full Text and Scholarly, but there's more to see!



Lower in the "Refine Results" list on the left you'll see "Subject."  This is a great way to focus in on your specific topic. 



Make sure you check out the other tools, too!

  • Limit by Date: Great for when you need an article published in a specific time frame.
  • Limit by Type: Just need a newspaper article? Or maybe an ebook? This is what you use.
  • Limit by Language: Looking for an article in Spanish? BUENO!

PROTIP: Click on "Show More" for even more options!

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