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ENGL 2111 - Abbott (Online) - Fall 2021

The Assignment

Journal Club and Annotated Bibliography


This assignment will allow you to practice a variety of skills you will likely use later in college and in the professional world including:

  • more advanced searching skills for GALILEO and other databases
  • online presentation skills
  • development of an annotated bibliography (a common assignment and a research/writing tool for longer writing assignments)


  1. Read the overview of each of these texts:
    1. "The Wife of Bath’s Tale" (Overview)
    2. 1001 Nights (Overview) Beowulf (Overview)
    3. Don Quixote (Overview)
  2. Choose one and then identify a possible essay topic for writing about literary work you've chosen, and write a very brief topic description (1 sentence or less) that includes the author's name and title of the work. This can be done as a phrase, question or statement.
    1. Topic Examples:
      1. Is Rama a good husband by ancient Indian standards (aka dharma)?
      2. How Gilgamesh benefits from Enkidu's wisdom
      3. The Iliad is a Greek story, but some of the Trojan characters (Priam and Hector) are more noble than the Greeks.
  3. In GALILEO, locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed article of literary criticism about your topic. Refer to the Library Assignment Guide for specific database recommendations and helpful search strategies. Read your article carefully, so that you can share the following information in your presentation:
    1. author's name, article title
    2. a brief summary
    3. the article's thesis statement
    4. at least one place in the article where the author quotes another scholar and how the author uses that quotation to further his or her own argument
    5. any other info you found interesting
    6. connections to our class materials (videos, etc.) and/or discussions
  4. Attend one of the available dates for a Zoom video chat and informally present your article to your classmates. Be sure to have your GHC Student ID or other picture ID handy to verify your identity at the start of the session. OR Create a video of yourself sharing the information. Be sure to record in a quiet environment with a non-distracting background behind you and briefly hold up your picture ID (with everything but your name and photo covered). Then upload your video to YouTube. 
  5. Go back to GALILEO and locate 3 additional scholarly, peer-reviewed articles about your Journal Club Presentation topic. At least two of these articles should be literary criticism, but the 4th article for your bibliography might be from another discipline. (Hint: Skim rather than read the articles, or read their abstracts, to determine their relevance to the topic and potential usefulness for an essay on your topic. If necessary, continue searching and replace articles that are not useful for your topic.)
  6. Skim the 3 articles you found, so you can write an annotation for each that answers A-C for that article:
    1. A: Explain what the article is about. (1-3 sentences)  Tell the audience what is in the article. This is the most difficult part of the annotation because it requires you to be very succinct. Don’t rewrite the article; just write the basic facts and important notes about the article here.
    2. B: Explain how this article illuminates your topic. (1-2 sentences) What about this article makes it relevant to your topic? Why did you select it? What pertinent bit of information makes this article stand out among the others?
    3. C: Compare or contrast this work with another you have cited. (1-2 sentences)
  7. How does this specific article relate to another article in your annotated bibliography? Do they agree or not? Why not? What makes it unique?  Assemble your bibliography by placing your properly formatted citations for each article in alphabetical order, including the annotation paragraph after each citation. Revise and proofread carefully before submitted your assignment into the assignment folder.
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