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ENGL 1102 - Reidy - Spring 2021: Making Choices

Ron Swanson

Tie it together

Research for a paper is just like picking a restaurant!

Your assignment gives you the details you need regarding how many and what type of resources (taking different things into account when deciding on a restaurant).

Your chosen topic guides you on where to search (where to find information about the restaurants you're choosing from).

Evaluating resources helps decide if you should move on to another option or stick with what you've got (changing your mind once you've already decided on a restaurant).

Research = Choices

Research is just a series of choices.

Think about the way you choose what restaurant to eat at with friends. What type of things do you take into account?

  • Location of restaurant compared to friends' locations?
  • Type of food you like?
  • What is open at the time you want to go?

How do you find information about the restaurants you are choosing from?

  • Internet
  • Recommendations from others
  • Previous experience

What might make you change your mind once you've decided?

  • Too busy
  • Closed
  • You don't feel like Mexican food
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