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COMM 1100 - Reiter (Paulding) - Spring 2021: Assignment Instructions

The Assignment

COMM 1100 (MacMurdo) – Library Instruction Project

The Basics

1.      Each group will be assigned one library resource video to watch. 

2.      The group will teach the content to your fellow students during library day.

3.      The Librarian and your Professor will grade your presentation based on the details below.


The Details - This presentation is worth 50 points, as outlined below.

Content (graded by Librarian) (30 points)

For each of the following three areas, you will be awarded 1 to 10 points (10-9 points - Excellent, 8-7 points - Good, 6-5 points - Fair, 4-3 points - Poor, 2-0 points - Substandard or Not Executed)

  • Content covered (Did you cover at least one content point? Intro/Conclusion alone only count as content for The Driver -- see below.)
  • Correctness/Clarity of explanation (Was your explanation of the content point(s) clear and correct so that your classmates can understand that aspect of the library resource? For The Driver, was the visual part of the presentation seamless and correct?)
  • Enthusiasm (Did you relay excitement and care about the content you presented?)

Speech delivery (graded by your professor)  (20 points) 

For this section you will be awarded one to five points for each of the objectives below: (5 points - Excellent, 4 points - Good, 3 points - Fair, 2 points - Poor, 1 point - Not Executed)

  • Dress (are you dressed for success?)
  • Voice (do you speak loudly enough, enunciate, and project?)
  • Eye Contact (do you look up from your notes and make eye contact with your audience?)
  • Demonstration ability (can you do your part of the demonstration with confidence, or do you fumble around?) Effective use of the computer and overhead projector.

Additional Considerations

  • Special Position - The Driver -  One of your group members should be the "driver" for the presentation. This person will do all of the pointing and clicking for your group. The Driver is not required to communicate content, HOWEVER, they do have to handle the introduction of the group and library resource and the wrap-up at the end. Grading for the driver will be the same as other group members.
  • The presentation should be taken seriously.  Outside-the-box ideas on how to teach something you learned in the video are extra-point-worthy. Theatrics that do *not* add content are minus-point-worthy.  (In other words, think carefully before doing something silly!)
  • Each video contains many points, so think about which ones may be most important for someone who has never used the resource before. 
  • Each group member should participate in the presentation by presenting at least one content point.  Non-participation by a group member will result in lost points.
  • You may not use the same specific examples from the video.  In other words, if you demonstrate how to do a search, you cannot use the same search words used in the video!
  • You may use any other information found on this guide, but it must tie into your specific video's content.
  • At the end of your presentation, the librarian may comment or add information to the content you presented.  This does not mean you lost points; it means that there are way more than six important things to know about each video, and she wants your classmates to know as much as possible about the resources.


Video Assignments

Wednesday 9:30 CRN 20906 D2L:  XLS COMM C

  • 4G Marketing – JSTOR

  • The Insiders – ProQuest

Monday 11:00 CRN 20908 D2L:  XLS COMM D

  •  High 5 – JSTOR

Wednesday 11:00 CRN 20908 D2L:  XLS COMM D

  •  SWA (Students with Attitude) – ProQuest

Tuesday/Thursday 12:30 CRN 20710 D2L: Human Comm S2

  • Cobra Kais – JSTOR
  • Crimson Order – Opposing Viewpoints

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