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ENGL 1102 -- Osborne (Cartersville) -- Spring 2021

Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer reviewed articles will always pass the CRAAP test!  They will be the best sources for quality information.  


If you have problems with your search terms, try a synonym.  Also, remember to use the tools that Galileo provides. 


When you find articles that will work for you, email them to your school email.  This will allow you to keep a record of your immediate searching.  

Research Topics

Topics for Research Papers in English 1102 


1. The Immigration Crisis in the United States of America 

2. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

3. Racial Profiling in America 

4. The Question of Prayer in Schools 

5. The Importance of Preserving Historical Sites 

6. Advancements in Modern Medicine 

7. The Dangers of Injuries in Sports (Choose one sport) 

8. The Joys of Hunting and Fishing 

9. Incentives for Agriculture and Farming as a Career 

10. Music as a Reflection of Social Culture 

11. Freedom of Religion 

12. Does Deficit Spending by the Government Harm or Help the Economy? 

13. What Will Be the Disadvantages of the Self-Driving Car?  

14. The Problem of Racism in America 

15. The Problem of Racism in China 

16. Are Performing Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) Still a Problem in Professional Sports? 

Topics for Research Papers in English 1102 


1. Emily Dickinson’s Contrasting Poetic View of Death 

  1. 2. The Death of a Beautiful Woman in the Poetry and Prose of Edgar Allen Poe 

  1. 3. The Confessional Writings of Sylvia Plath 

  1. 4. Symbolism in Sandra Cisneros’ “Barbie Q” and The House on Mango Street 

  1. 5. Southern Themes in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” 

  1. 6. The Subject of Secret Sin in a Nathaniel Hawthorne Short Story 

  1. 7. Religious Symbolism in Flannery O’Conner’s “Good Country People” 

  1. 8. Feminist Themes in Toni Morrison’s Sula 

  1. 9. Local Color in Selected Works of Jamaica Kinkaid 

  1. 10. Historical Significance of the Oratory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

  1. 11. Discovery of the New World in the Letters of Christopher Columbus 

  1. 12. Patriotic Themes OR Symbolism in the Poetry of Pablo Neruda 

  1. 13. Themes of Poets at American Presidential Inaugurations 

  1. 14. Reflections on Daily Living in the Diary of William Byrd

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