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ENGL 1101 - Payne (Floyd) - Spring 2021: Subject Databases


We've talked about Galileo, now let's look at individual DATABASES!

They're a great way to limit the number of results so you can see more of the subject or type of content you're looking for!

GHC Libraries Search

Search for articles and more in databases @ GALILEO:

Go to: GALILEO  |   Databases by Subject   |   Find a Journal  |  All Databases A-Z

How do you find individual databases?

Start by clicking All Databases A-Z under the Galileo search box. A new window will open and you can sort by subject or type!

What does that mean?

We have databases for many different subjects. We also have databases that are all videos, or all images, or all newspapers. So depending on what you're researching, you can drill down to particular databases that meet your needs the best.

Should you always start with an individual database?

Not necessarily. If you have a really broad topic you might want to start with a main Galileo search first. But if you have a particular subject in mind (if you need literary criticism, or scientific articles) or need a particular type (you want a video recording of a speech), an individual database might be your best choice!

Why should I bother? Doesn't Galileo search everything anyway?

Alas, not everything. Galileo searches *most* of the universe in time and space, but there are black holes for a few things that you can only get if you go to an individual database. We librarians always try to point those out when that's the case! And sometimes Galileo results can be overwhelming, so looking at an individual database can be easier to deal with. It's up to you!


Search for books, ebooks, DVDs, periodicals, and more @ GHC or other libraries:

Go to: Advanced Search @ GHC  |  e-Book Help Guide

Special e-Book collections: Popular reading @ Overdrive  |  Health sciences resources @ R2


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