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ENGL 1101 - Abbott (Online) - Spring 2021

The Assignment

Happiness Collage (with Works Cited list)


When we write, it often helps to explore a topic before trying to write about it. Even familiar topics may have elements we haven't considered before. In a couple weeks, you'll be writing a research essay about the best methods of attaining and maintaining happiness, so this assignment will help you prepare. It will also allow you to tip a toe into GALILEO, the main vehicle for finding reliable and scholarly sources at libraries in the state of Georgia. 


  1. Identify three methods for finding and/or maintaining happiness. The methods you identify will be influenced by your definition of happiness. I recommend using a quick Google search to explore some of the many ideas and methods out there. 
  2. For each method you choose, identify an article, eBook, or video from GALILEO that describes it.
  3. Create a collage of images and words that communicate the basic idea of your three chosen methods for happiness. This can be done electronically or using old-fashioned paper, scissors, and glue. If you complete an electronic collage, I recommend saving it as a .pdf or .jpg, so that your formatting isn't altered by the D2L document viewer. If you create a paper collage, snap a clear photo with your phone and upload it to D2L. 
  4. In a separate file, create a Works Cited list that includes citations for your three GALILEO sources and citations for each image in your collage. Image citations can be formatted as: Photographer's Name. "Page or Image Title." Website Name, Website Publisher, ####, URL.
    • The photographer's name can be skipped if the website doesn't provide it.
    • The publisher's name can be left out if it's the same as the website name.
    • The #### is the year the image was taken, or the copyright year of the website (often the current year). 
  5. Upload your completed Works Cited list to this assignment folder.

*Our embedded librarian, Susanna Smith, and the other GHC librarians are ready and willing to assist you with locating sources. They can be reached via email and live chat. 

Criteria for Success 

This assignment will

  • include two submitted files:
    • Collage image (.pdf, .jpg, or other image file)
    • Works Cited list (.doc, .docx, or .odt. No .pages files.)
  • be creative
  • contain at least 5 images in the collage
  • contain citations for all images and for three GALILEO sources
  • format citations using MLA format
  • be carefully proofread (grammar, spelling, etc.)
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