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Annotated Bibliography (Cartersville) : Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

What is a bibliography?

A bibliography is a list of sources (articles, books, newspapers, websites, etc.) organized alphabetically.  Typically, these will be sources you have used in your paper or project.  These sources should be scholarly, credible sources.  Usually, a bibliography entry will include; author, title, container. volume/number, edition, publisher, publisher information, page numbers, and permalink or DOI.  Some of this information will vary from source type to source type.  Then, there are variations depending on the citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) that your professor has requested.  Here is a very generic example of the typical bibliography.


What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is simply a bibliography with additional information that summarizes, evaluates, and describes each entry.  The annotated bibliography should included all of your citations listed in the style your professor has required followed by approximately 6-8 sentences (typically no more than two paragraphs) that expose the author's point of view, process, authority, and clarity.  How did the author prove his/her points?  Is the author an expert on the subject?  Was his/her argument clear?  Were there any issues that you see with his/her argument?  Remember, the annotated bibliography should not just be a summary of the source.

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