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ENGL 1102 - Abbott (Online) - Summer 2020

Search Strategies Module

This four-part module is designed to teach you valuable search skills. To complete the module, work through the four sections, taking the practice quizzes. Then complete the graded assignment.


  • THINK first, SEARCH later.
    • What kind of resource are you searching for? (Book? Video? Website? Academic article?) 
      • This tells you WHERE to search: Galileo, GIL (the book catalog), or in a web browser!
  • Other important things you need to consider:
    • Do you need something written by a specialist?  Go for Peer Reviewed!
    • Do you need something written during a specifc time? Check out the date range!
  • What information are you searching for? 
    • This is where keywords come in.  Make a list. Check it twice!
  • There is NO SUCH THING as a single perfect source that you will be able to cite to support your thesis. Researching and writing is a process
    • learning about your topic 
    • thinking critically about what you've learned
    • supporting your thesis through a variety of sources
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