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Zoom, QuickTime, and Captions: QuickTime

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Open QuickTime & Select Screen Recording

Screenshot of starting a new screen recording in QuickTime Player.

Open QuickTime, then select "File: New Screen Recording". A screen recording prompt will appear at the bottom of your screen. 

Screen Recording Prompt

QuickTime screen recording prompt

From the screen recording prompt, you can select options to record a single program, a select area of the screen, or your entire screen. Following the screen selection options is the Start/Stop button. Just select it once you are ready to start or end your recording. From the Options' menu, you can select where to save the recording, set a timer to delay the start of recording, and other options to customize your recording. 


Saving Recording

Screenshot of selecting "File: Save" in Quicktime to save recording.

Once you stop recording, you can save it by going to "File: Save..."

Entering Recording name al location to save document.

Type in a name for the file, and select where you want to save it. Click "Save." 


Exporting Recording

The last step is to export the video according to the quality you want the video to be. The higher the pixels, the better the quality. However, higher pixels take up more space on your computer, and can make videos take longer to upload online. 


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