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Zoom, QuickTime, and Captions: Zoom

Zoom Menu Bar

Screenshot of Zoom Menu Bar

You will find the Zoom tool bar at the bottom of your Zoom screen. Use it to monitor and control your meeting. You will learn about each function below. 

Manage Participants

Zoom "Manage Participants" Box

When you click on "Manage Participants," the box above will appear on the right side of your screen. You can manage each participant's microphone and camera, by clicking on the mic and camera buttons next to their names. At the bottom, you can mute or unmute all participants at once. You can even kick participants out of the meeting if they are disrupting your class. You also have buttons to indicate yes or no answers. There are also buttons to suggest to the speaker to slow down or speed up. 


Adding a Poll

"Polls" box in Zoom. "Ask a Question" Button.  

Once you select the Poll button, a pop up box will appear. Click the "Ask a Question" button in the center of the box. Then a browser box will appear. 

      "Add A Poll" screen in Zoom.

From here, you can title your poll, and add your question and answers.  Under the poll title, you can click the check box to make it anonymous. Under, the question, you can select to make the poll "single choice" or "multiple choice." There is also an option to add more than one question to your poll at the bottom of the screen. 


Screen Sharing

screenshot of Advanced Sharing options in Zoom

The "Share" button allows the host and participant to share their computer screens. To manage sharing permissions, click the caret symbol next to the "Share" button. A menu will pop up that will allow you to control who is granted sharing access.  



Zoom "Chat" box

Once you click on the "Chat" button on the menu bar, the box will appear on the right side of your screen. You can send chats to everyone or individual participants. You can set chat rules for everyone in the meeting by clicking the ellipsis (...). You can completely enable chat by selecting "No one," or open up public and private chatting. 


Recording to The Cloud & Automatic Transcripts

To record to the Cloud, click the record button, and select "Record to the Cloud."  A box will appear in the top right corner of the screen. When you are ready to stop recording, hit the stop button. A message will appear stating that the recording will be sent to your email once it is ready. The email will give you a link to access the recording and audio transcript. Note: It will take some time for the audio transcript to become available. You will also receive a link to share the recording with others. 

For more help: 

Recording to Cloud

Automatically Transcribe Cloud Recordings 


Uploading To D2L

Selecting Create a Link in D2L 

Once you get an email from Zoom with your meeting recording, copy the "Share Recording with Viewers" link and open up your course in D2L.  Go to "Content," and select the module you want to place the video in. Then click "Upload/Create Content." Select "Create a Link."

Inserting title and link into D2L.

 In the box that appears, type the name you want to give the video, and past the Zoom URL. Click "Create," and your students will be able to access the content. 


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