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Continuity of Library Services

GHC Libraries

The Libraries in conjunction with CETL can help you set up gradebooks, discussions boards, and create modules in D2L. We’ll also help you learn Zoom and even move an assignment online. Reach out to a librarian at

Finding Library Materials For Your Class

Articles -- search our databases to find an article you want to put into your course. When you find one you like, make sure to select the permalink or persistent URL. 

eBooks -- we have a very large collection of eBooks you can use in your online class. Search our catalog and select full access online. You can then link to this content in your course. 

Screenshot of library catalog refinements

Audiobooks -- we have a ton of audiobooks that you can listen to on your phone. Check out Overdrive for these titles. 

Streaming Media -- the libraries purchase a lot of streaming media that you can use in your class. Check out Kanopy and Swank

Purchasing Material -- if you can't find something you need in our collections, please request a purchase. We'll work with you as quickly as possible to get the material and make it available to your students. 

Recently Made Available Teaching Resources  -- many vendors and publishers are making their material available online for free for a limited time. We are collecting a list here. This includes webinars, articles, and interactive online tours. 

Research, Instruction, and Technology Help

Our librarians are ready to partner with you on instructional content. Please consider embedding a librarian in your course. We can help you locate OER course material, create videos on library resources, manage discussion boards on research and technology questions, collaborate on assignments, or otherwise be of general assistance. If you just fill out this form and we will assign you a library partner. 

If you want one-on-one help with pretty much anything else, reach out to us at We'll work with you to help find a solution. 

Embedded Librarians

Embedded librarians are integrated information experts that offer more direct research assistance to groups of faculty and students than the typical one-shot instruction session, often over the course of an entire semester.

While librarians can embed in face-to-face classes, they are increasingly in demand within virtual environments in order to support online classes, hybrid classes, and face-to-face classes that include an online support component.

What can they do?

Library Guide
We will always create a library guide for your course. We will compile a resource list specific for the course that includes links to books, journals, and/or databases from the library, and make that list available on the library guide or in D2L.We can also include search helps and citation information.

Videos and Static Content
Librarians can create or locate a brief video or screenshot tutorial specific to the course and assignment

Interactive Online Module
Librarians are developing a series of online interactive modules for specific information literacy skills (like search strategies, source evaluation, plagiarism, citation help, etc). They can be plugged into D2L as a graded or a non-graded assignment. These are still being developed, but if you're interested we can definitely keep you in the loop.

Live Instruction (Information Literacy Session) 
Librarians can schedule and give a live research instruction session online that supports a target assignment or skill. This is a virtual library instruction session using Zoom.

Office Hours 
Librarians can schedule and announce regular or virtual office hours (according to the librarian's availability) during which students can ask the librarian questions regarding their research needs. We can schedule that for the library's online chat, via Zoom, or in person!

Discussion Boards & Chat
Librarians can set up and monitor a discussion board or chat box in your D2L course where students can ask library-related questions.

Graded Assignments
Librarians are happy to collaborate with you to develop graded assignments for your courses. They can be set up in D2L as a quiz, or some other type of assessment graded either by you or by the librarian.

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